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Five Points of Ashtang Yog

Yog is a life of self-discipline based on the tenets of "simple living and high thinking". To keep the physical and mental faculties strong, Ashtang Yog has defined five main principles. 

Kundalini Yoga Breathing


Pranayam: Proper Breathing

  • Yogic Breathing or Diaphragmatic Breathing, also known as Balloon Breathing

  • Prana is Pranayama, an extension of breath or life. 

  • Yogic breathing includes three types of breathing-  

    • Abdominal, Chest and Collar bone.

  • Increasing vital energy and capacity is the goal


Asanas: Physical Postures

We are as young as our spine!

  • Yogasanas focus on health, flexibility and strength of Spine. 

  • The next focus is on respiratory and circulatory functions.

  • Asanas engage and tone the internal organs, glands, joints as well as the muscles.



Vishram: Relaxation

  • Yoga defines relaxation in three methods- Physical, Mental and Spiritual.

  • Ashtang Yog practice furnishes the nervous system with a boost of new neuromuscular information. Proper relaxation such as Savasan (Corpse Pose),  helps to integrate that within- giving the nervous system a brief pause


Aahar: Diet, Sattvic Lifestyle

  • Yog defines three gunas (characteristics) in the world.

    • Sattvic represents purity and knowledge, 

    • Rajas manifests active and motion, and 

    • Tamas shows lethargic or inertia 

  • ​The Sattvic lifestyle suggested in Ashtang Yog, focuses on pure - positive intake for our Body (food-juices-water) and Mind also.

  • Listening, Reading, Meditating upon Sattvic objects keeps our mind positive, steady and relaxed.



Samyama: Dharana-Dhyan-Samadhi

  • Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi together constitute Samyama(integration). Mastery on Samyama leads to True knowledge- awareness.

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