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Namaste from our Yogis! 


Prita Pradhan


Congratulations to Padma, our yoga teacher for successfully completing 5 years since Sundar Yoga classes started. 

I am so fortunate to have been a part of Sundar Yoga since the beginning. After starting yoga I learned how to BREATHE the right way. Yoga helped me to improve my strength and flexibility. I am more aware, able to do all asanas during the sessions. I keep focusing on improvements in all Asanas ;) 

Pranayama and chanting of OM calms, soothes and heals my mind. Thank you so much Padma for being such an amazing and inspiring yoga Guru.  Namaste!


Shilpa Prabhudesai


Sundar Yoga Studio is a warm and welcoming place with lots of positive energy. 

Instructor, Padma has an extensive knowledge about the yoga poses, breathing exercises and Sanskrit verses and understands the philosophy behind it. Her teaching style makes it easy for the beginners but gives an opportunity to improve for advanced practitioners. 

Her guided meditation session at the end of each class is relaxing, energizing and helps you to reconnect with your inner self. Each yoga class helps your mind-body-spirit to get in balance!


Kavitha Devineni

Namaste! After I started doing yoga,I have noticed a positive impact on my mood and my health.  I have been going to her classes for the past 5 years for the same experience.

For anyone looking for Yoga, I will recommend Sundar Yoga. Padma's way of teaching yoga is aligned to traditional yoga practice and she is one of the best Yoga teachers. 


Monika Yerra


Bimal Vasan


I have been practicing yoga at Sundar Yoga for the last two years. I learned and tried a lot of asanas which helped me to make my body flexible and mind calm. Every class starts with the prayer followed by various asanas, breathing and meditation under a very good yoga instructor who is very engaging, knowledgeable, attentive and professional. There's so much to say. I'll keep it short and simply note that this place is one of the great places to practice traditional yoga.



Pavani Narayanabhatta


I am really blessed to meet Padma. Yoga has become a part of my life now . I really enjoy loosening exercises, Surya namaskara, anjaneya series, back and tummy exercises . Even the om chanting , breathing techniques just soothes my brain.

I like the structure of how the class is where in we try not to repeat the asanas during a week. I really get inspired with the good speeches that padma offers during the sessions as well. Overall I just love it 

Namaste! :-)


Vik Malai

Namaste! I have been practicing yoga at Sundar Yoga for the past 2 years now.  The owner, Padma is a great yoga instructor. At Sundar Yoga we start the practice with mindful breathing, chanting mantra, asanas for an hour  and end the practice with pranayama and mantra. I used to go to Ashrams in India to experience traditional yoga until I discovered Sundar Yoga. This studio or rather ashram will give a traditional experience to continue your yoga journey. I call this place a Little India or hidden yoga treasure of NWA. I strongly recommend anyone who wants to deepen their yoga practice and their spiritual journey here at Sundar Yoga.



Swetha Bhargavi


I started doing yoga with ‘Sundar yoga’ when I got a severe backache and headache.

Yoga helped me a lot to get rid of the inner pain and external pains. 

I experienced heaven during yoga practice.  

Madam Padma taught me the asanas with patience and With love so I could learn very well.

I personally feel that  ‘With regular practice , our energy levels will be high with which we can achieve anything in our life.’

Inhale the future , exhale the past.

It kick-starts the relaxation process in our body which in turn, relaxes the mind.

We will find that unpleasant emotions are only temporary and that regular practice will build not just physical strength but also, emotional resilience.

Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages. 


Whenever I meet new people or my friends, I always suggest they do yoga for a healthy and wealthy life .

Thank you so much- Namaste!

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