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Asanas- Physical Postures and Exercises


स्थिरम् सुखम् आसनम्।


Sthiram Sukham Asanam|

We should be steady and comfortable-relaxed in our posture.








Practicing Yoga with strength and relaxed manner, gives a rise to harmony within the Physical body.

Sage Patanjali describes Yoga as a misconception-free view of the world. These misconceptions, which cloud out perceptions are of a physical, energetic, metal and emotional nature. In asana, which concerns the physical body, focus is on building clarity within the physical body. Asana practice builds the strength and clarity to move towards higher steps within Ashtang Yoga lifestyle. In this process we learn which practices suit us, and also see direct results. According to Patanjali, the practice of Asanas should be hard and yet soft at the same time.

The fundamental difference in Yoga Asanas and other physical exercises is that Yoga opposes the violent movements of muscles or joints. Violent movement of muscles produce large quantities of lactic acid and sets fatigue in muscle fibers. 

Slow, comfortable yet challenging the muscles, joints, and almost every body part through different postures- Asanas; with deep breathing flow- inhalation and exhalation is emphasized during the Yoga practice. The deep Yogic breathing and relaxation in between, neutralizes the lactic acid effect and reduces the fatigue. 

After Yoga sessions, calming sensation, serenity and rejuvenation is experienced.

It is believed that our body is as young as the flexibility of our spine! Yogasanas initially focus on the flexibility and strength of the spine.

Our health and very existence depend upon the respiratory and circulatory functions. Practice of Asanas supplies energy and circulation; it helps eliminate any impediments in the circulation of Prana and builds strength consistently. 

Various postures also focus on nerves and help them to get supply of nutrients and oxygen which irrigates the nervous system and helps reduce any issues. 

Asana practice also works with the internal machinery of the body- the glands, internal organs as well as muscles. The internal organs receive massage, stimulation, lubrication through various movements and are toned for efficient functioning. The endocrine system (glands and hormones) is rejuvenated helping the balance between emotions. Which also helps to improve mental outlook and reducing stress or depression. 


Connecting with your body, bringing out the fullest potential happens during the regular practice of Yogasanas. 

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