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Namaste! I am Padma Patil


I'm the Founder of Sundar Yoga, Corporate Leader, Mentor & Zumba Instructor


My name is Padma Patil. I am part of a diverse, vibrant and kind community at Bentonville, AR- usually referred as NorthWest Arkansans, NWA!

I am in information technology field since 1997. Worked at multiple places globally- to support various corporates achieve their goals. 

During these years and even today, I am fortunate to learn a lot about technology and business verticals from my fellow professionals and leaders in corporate world.

My learning also came with observations and experiences related to harsh competition, stress, undesirable health issues and at times lifetime impacts on individuals within the corporate world and communities around me.


In 2012, I witnessed the most powerful experience of my life- my mother’s graceful Samadhi (Per Yoga sutras, this is regarded as the final stage, at which union with the divine is reached- before or at death.)

She was a Yogi. She managed her cancer treatment in her usual elegant style, for 9 months. During her second time negotiations with the illness, as if it was a smooth deal, she told me to wrap up things for her. 

I watched her smiling, saying good byes and sharing her love- special gifts with friends and family during her last few days. October 12th 2012, she passed away, fully conscious and with no complaints whatsoever.


I was amazed- speechless many times during those days as her oncologist will tell me to expect her complain or scream when she decided to stop all medications including the pain medications. 

On the contrary, she was always smiling and alert- making fun comments on activities around her, sharing a life mantra with me!


This had been a turning point for me. During my last few one-ones with her I learnt a complete different perspective of life. She was showing me how it is done- how to live life- how to forgive and how to control. She reminded me every day during those days about “Yoga Chitta-Vritti-Nirodha” (Yoga teaches our Chitta-mind to control all Vriits-vibrations/distractions)

My mother, Sundar Patil,  triggered a strong awareness and desire towards Yoga and Yogic lifestyle in me. 

Yogasanas (the physical exercises of Yoga) were taught to me from my school days and had helped me to keep myself flexible and somewhat healthy. :-) 

I started regular practice and was benefited a lot. 

With the desire to share the benefits I have seen with people around me, I completed my 200 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) in 2015 from Thiruvananthapuram, India. 

Sundar Yoga was launched in Feb 2016 on my mother’s birthday- 9th Feb.

I believe in practicing Yoga as a service to myself and my community. Helping everyone to live a positive, healthy and mindful life is my passion. 

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